Mental Notes

Existentialism. The biggest subject I can never explain. You see, if the martians decided to make a fairy dust out of my fragile body… the world will still turn… the sun will still shine… and no one will notice that I have made Peter Pan fly to never never land.

“it’s hard to live your life to the fullest when you don’t know how to fill it”…

There’s always this moment… when I feel that I am only breathing. As quoted from a famous radical poet… “Is it enough to love? Is it enough to breath?”. I love Avril Lavigne.

Maybe I am just being sentimental ( 10% senti and 90% mental), because I am so broke. Weird. But it’s true… I thought I was serious about the existentialism bull crap when it hit me that the reason for my depression right now is me… having no moolah…

So why am I broke?

a. My pride can reach Taipei Tower and even surpass it
b. My compensation is way under my expense

c. I am idiotic when it comes to budgeting my money
d. All of the above

Kris: Ano lhynne? Hindi ka na pwedeng magkamali
Lhynne: D
Kris: Sure ka na ba?
Lhynne: hmmm…… yeah, sure na
Kris: And the correct answer is…. lets show them the picture… LETTER D!

It’s hard. I’ve just realize that it’s not that easy to ask for money …


My mind is messed up. I am fed up with persons who are so fucking demanding. I, have always tried… even if it means rationalizing a utterly evil deed… to understand others. Why … on the other hand… no one bothers to give me a simple vindication when it comes to my deeds.


Why does smiling becomes a tedious task when you don’t feel happy but needs to look happy. Why do you need to laugh at jokes compose some ages ago just to temporarily uplift your spirit… Why is it hard to fix a life when fate seems to be destroying it….


Ang mga tanong na yan ang sasagutin ng ating mga guest sa pagbabalik ng

Kris: Morning Girls…
Korina: With Kris
Kris: And Korina! ahahahahahahahahaha



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