V for Vengeance

V for Vengeance


Yes, I’ve watched it. It’s a nice movie to watch especially our country is slowly crashing down due to political turmoil. It’s Dekada 60 written by the Wachowski Brother. As the movie imply…. “The people should not fear its government…. The government should fear its people”


Watching this movie will enlightened, or maybe change your opinion about those rascals and martyrs who are willing to die to fight for human rights and other shitnitz. Why are they willing to die for something that they cannot touch and will not bring direct benefits (like sex food). Maybe after watching this movie, traffic caused by rallies will not bother you anymore… for the reason behind their acts will be clear to you… they are willing to sacrifice even their lives for they are not afraid to die for their principles rather than live in the shadow of someone they are not.


So, Are you afraid?


Afraid of losing your love one for you don’t know how to live your life without them…

Afraid of waking up alone every morning…

Afraid of facing your problems for you are afraid that it might more complicated than what you have expected….

Afraid to know what’s really happening and participate in fighting for your principles for you are afraid to lose everything…

Afraid to get hurt…

Afraid to let go…

Afraid of responsibility…

Afraid of being rejected…

Afraid to be happy…


Fear hinders yourself from discovering what you really are


BTW, Ghost scares the shit out of me…




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