Sound of Silence… the Holy Grail


1. I think Tom Hanks was bored in filming this movie. His dramatic prowess was not used…
2. Ian McKellen’s acting was superb… he really looks like an insane individual. Although you can already see the devil inside of him when he is supposed to be a harmless old man as per description in the book.

3. I think I will fall in love with Paul Bettany when he becomes an albino
4. Ron Howard failed to make the movie as exciting as the book.
5. Bishop Aringarosa should have been older.
6. Sophie: Aiko look-alike

On the lighter side of the story

We were watching the movie and dubbing it at the same time. I can’t really explain how it’s done but if you’re with your insane barkada anything will become possible. We were bored for the movie was concentrated on dialogues and basically we have read it all. Just when they were about to open the cryptext, we decided to get serious in watching not to mention the fact that someone behind me pulled out a gun and will shoot if he hears another noise… when in the middle of silence…. The crytext falling……


***** prrrroooooooooootttttttt *****


Yes, good sirs and madams, someone farted inside the movie house. We were watching at G4 mind you. So farting is utterly unforgivable for we are all educated individuals watching. Everyone laugh… for even the man on the first row heard the bomb that suddenly exploded out of the crytext… I can’t help laughing as you can hear everyone commenting about the incident through the rest of the movie…


“Holy crap…..”

“Part ba yan ng dolby digital”


You can almost hear Mike Enriquez saying “Hindi man lang nahiya sa pambababoy!”


I still enjoyed watching it and comparing my mental picture of the book to the movie. Although, it’s one of those books-turned-into-movies crap since the film concentrated on the facts rather than the adrenaline rush action… it’s not appealing to moviegoers who have read the book and known the facts…


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