To Jostle Away from One’s Sexuality

These past few days I have been battling with my desire to chase my dreams. I want to be a mature individual and stop the growing angst within me. I want to face the truth and be able to live with it. All the things that I’ve dream about will not come true, unless I’ll be ready to accept reality.


Things that I’ve learned:

1. Beauty might be in the eyes of the beholder but the truth is, no matter how beatiful you are from the outside they will only see your shortcomings if you don’t know how to befriend others. On the other hand even if you’re not physically gifted, as long as you treat people right and be extra nice to them (give them what they want and smile all the freaking time even if you will have facial cramps), they can’t admit to any people who have ask about how you look that you are in fact the missing link to evolution.

2. The two dangerous combination of being human specie with ovary is having an ugly face that goes with an empty mind. You can have the oppposite of both (like KC Concepcion who is also blessed with a pocket full of money), just one, or the medium dash of the aforementioned ingredient but never have them both, for you will always be the butt of every joke. So for those who have an empty mind, read, for those who have ugly faces, get rich and contact Vicky Belo immediately.


Just a little rant. Should be the title of beauty contest for gay people “MR. Gay”? I mean, they are still human species with penis right?

More rantings. Nowadays being a homo-sapiens-who-are-capable-of-giving-birth always means competition. You have to compete with your own kind as well as those homo-sapiens-who-just-helps-to-produce-babies that are trying to be like your kind.

So I have been thinking about my sexuality. I always tell other people that I’m better off being a human-with-penis rather that a human-with-ovary/vagina because:

1. I’d rather talk about books, sports and anime rather than discussing what color of lipstick is in and rant about “relationships”.

2. I never argue with the dress that my mom gives to me simply because I hate shopping. I can’t stand it.

3. All pants look the same to me.

4. All cottons looks and feels the same to me. There are no such thing as better cottons (I can hear all the cottons’ applause for me by now)

5.  I never ask for discounts and not buy the dress. Okay, I never ask for discounts… if I’m buying my stuff… Why? I don’t know.

5. My ex-boyfriend talks 10 times more frequent than I do when we fight. Actually, he did all the talking, all I did was cry when I’m tired of listening to him. It always works.

These thoughts makes me want to rethink my sexuality


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