What Makes My Day

My day usually starts with by being f*cked up with my landlady for not fixing our drainage system. The water that is supposed to be coming out of our faucet is now coming UP from the drain. Maybe I should wait for a few minutes… either for the water to slowly sink back where it should be or maybe for me to swim in, anything will do, for my day is already ruined.

After the swimming session I must now face these people rushing like there’s no tomorrow. I can’t help but think that there’s a big conspiracy I am not aware of. You can see them rushing to the exit like you would get a happy meal if you got to be the first 10 to walk out of MRT. Maybe their getting something… but who cares my day is ruin for it was stomped up by these happy meal driven people.

Then the endless walk just to get to my office… Ahh…. The pain of having to literally carry your feet from ortigas station to emerald avenue with your two inch shoes. I know it’s not that high, well for someone who is used to wearing slip-ons and sneakers it’s like simplifying a complex algebraic expression that will consume a blackboard. And that blackboard, ladies and gentlemen, is the size of a football field. My day is ruined, my feet earns corns.

Demanding work… Time that can be compared to a turtle when you’re so ready to get home and as fast as lightning when you a have a deadline. Do I need to say more?.. who wants to work anyway when your day is ruined.

As I reach Taft Avenue, my feet is begging me to stop walking or it will strangle me or just give up. You have to cook, be patient with your friends, understand, kill any growing anger, understand, be calm, understand and then you feel like you don’t want to go on with your life, you don’t want to wake up, you want to give up, surrender… for your day is ruined and it seems that you can understand others, but never will you understand yourself…. the pieces are slowly falling apart… the light is slowly fading away…

Then suddenly it will struck you that you are still lucky for having a work that is both challenge driven and financially fulfilling. You still have a house that most people don’t have. You have friends that hopefully will be there for you when you need them. You still have shoes. You eat three times a day and have the dough to have the freedom to choose what you want. You still have your family that eventhough you can barely have time with them still takes you as you are. That no matter what they tell you, how hurtful it is, is just a sign that they still care and will always be there for… and that’s what really makes my day.


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