Life’s Complexity and Simplicity

If I have the option to go through my life again… would I change it completely? Will there be a lot of things to change? Would I trade some of my memories in order to correct an unpleasant incident? Cause, really saying that you wouldn’t change anything in your life is a total hypocrisy. I mean… would you rather not change an event that caused you heartbreak, lost keys, getting rob, mutilated… Given a chance… I think there are plenty of things that I might change… But if we can go back…would I still be interested in living my present life when I am so busy changing my past?

Anyway, life is not at all complicated. You can change nothing for everything has already happened. Maybe the thing that makes living our present lives complicated is the fact that so busy contemplating on our past mistakes and planning for our future.

So I just hope Miami Heat will win this season… So there will be no bets in my past that I’ll be regretting


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