Elevator Dramathon

Riding the MRT never fails to give something to laugh about. This morning…

Scene: We are being squished inside the elevator and the has been opening for three times because of people who still wants to get inside…

Aleng Humahabol: Kasya pa ba ako…
Manong Mainit ang Ulo: Hindi na!!!! (Taray ng lolo mo)
Aleng Humahabol: (Pumasok pa rin)
Elevator: BIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPPP (bumukas ulit ang pinto)
Manong Mainit ang Ulo: Ano ba puno na bakit ba bumubukas pa! (aatakihin na sa puso sa galit)
Aleng Mainit ang ulo na nasa labas ng elevator: Over Loaded na kayo kaya ayaw sumara (Bilisan niyo!!!)
Aleng Humahabol: (Lumabas)
Elevator: (Bumukas pa rin)
Manong Mainit ang Ulo: Bakit niyo ba pinipindot puno na nga!!!!

Nice… I find it funny that they choose to waste their energy shouting and frowning at each other instead of walking…retards…


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