Sexually Explicit

Last night, I bumped into some kids who were exchanging a quite intriguing talk. As I passed by them this kid was bragging about a scene that he saw between two of his, well I suppose friends. They were sharing an intimate moment, and as the kid reenact how Noy, his male friend was straddling this girl called Dimples and imitate Dimples’ moaning voice, they were laughing at it as if it was something that usually happens between kids.
They were only about 11 to 14 years old.

I don’t know, Anne Rice’s book came into my mind, “The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty” (this book is so sexually explicit that “I” by Anonymous was put into shame). I haven’t finished the book the first time I read it because I don’t know what the hell Anne Rice was thinking when she was writing this piece of crap. I decided to finished it, and to sum it all up, it was a collection of Beauty being awaken by the prince’s man juice (whatever you may call it) has undergone a series of paddling, kicking and other sado-masochistic behavior that you haven’t heard or seen in your wildest dream (okay supposed you dream of someday being beaten while having sex) and realize that Anne Rice was just exaggerating the thought that physical inhibitions must be set aside. For with inhibitions, you are denying yourself the happiness you’re looking for in the first place. Or maybe that was just my own interpretation, but I bet these are literature BS just to have an Ironic Plot using a 15 year old Fairy Tale Character that was originally created by the Grimm Brothers into something erotic. Bed time story for the adult.

What am I driving at? It’s the thought that sex these days is being underrated as a normal-everyday-everyone-can-do-it activity that is shared by individuals . The real essence of sharing an intimate moment is thrashed away and just stripped into just pure pleasure. All I can say is that if you have the drive to release your carnal delights to anyone who happened to feel the same way as you, then why not do it with a horse, a deer, a dog or yes… maybe a rat for that matter. They maybe violated, yes, but after that, a horse will still race, a deer will still be hunted and the rat will still pester you when you least expect it. People who are just using sex for just pure enjoyment can be compared to a dog fucking every bitch it sees. Something so intimate is not meant to be forgotten, for it will lose its value if you treat it that way. We have emotions, we are rational, we think… we remember… we don’t just feel.
In case of Noy and Dimples experiences, soon no female will dream of having a prince charming saving them or a male hoping for a princess whom he will cherish forever. I hope people will be sympathetic enough to not scratch each other’s hope of finding a Happy Ever After


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