Drinking Frenzy and going emo

I have had my last drinking session last friday. Thanks to mahal and ninong rye for drinking with me again. After drinking 2 cases of red horse… I was drunk as hell. Yeah I am that lousy with drinking nowadays. If you’re expecting a totally weird night, no… I didn’t do anything stupid. Well, except for waking up with toothpaste residue on my shirt… nothing weird happened. I think brushing my teeth means I am sane… just drunk… but still sane. Long gone are those days when I can stand drinking up to 6 in the morning and not feel a thing. My drinking habit is screwed up and I have no plans of practicing liver destruction to improve it.

It’s the last week of January and valentine’s just 2 weeks away after that. Fuck… it’s the time of the year when everybody seems to get into my nerves. All of them wishing to receive flowers and chocolates when I am compelled to eat spaghetti to ease the pain of being alone. The closest magical moment I had on valentines is celebrating it with my ex on a bus, that fucktard… and someone giving me sampaguita because the girl selling it was kinda cute and persistent.

Okay… that’s enough…. maybe i won’t give up drinking after all. Maybe I will drink again on valentines… because it sucks.

Yes and i will listen to hale and cueshe while I am at it to feel even more shitty about my pathetic love life… and i might include calla lily to indulge in the pain.

Don’t worry… james blunt cds are on my dual-lock cabinet with sanity recognition system so i won’t think of ending my life…

so much for being emo…



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