I am suffering from serious …. fuck… I forgot the medical term for hay allergy. This is the very reason why I always have second thoughts of going home. But home is still home… even if it gives you allergic rhinitis .. thanks google… It means a lot… Besides, I need to go home to eat home cooked meals.

Ever since I’ve been to college my weekly diet has been deduced to ramens and fast food shits. So I believe that students living in a boarding house who did not eat “LUCKY ME PANCIT CANTON” are ALIENS FROM OTHER PLANET

Aside from that there are many life changing habits that I’ve incurred from living in a house that is not your home.

1. Aside from eating ramen and being a fast food junkie… Century Tuna also became a necessity in my weekly grocery.
2. I never drink from used glass… now… I don’t fucking care if cockroaches drinks from my glass. Except rodents… I hate them… may they all go to hell.

3. I get really pissed when someone gets food from my plate. Not that I don’t like to share my food, it’s just that I find it disrespectful and I don’t have to explain myself because right now… It doesn’t matter if 5 of us share the same plate.
4. I never watched telenovelas, I’d rather watch Lizzie Mc Guire make a fool out of herself than watch Judy Ann crying or Princess Punzalan returning from grave. We only have one television… and most of us are girls so I am compelled to digest the hardship of being a Bituing Walang Ningning… thus turning me into an emo… 
5. I don’t drink iced tea… now I am addicted to it.

But the saddest thing about living outside your parent’s den…is being sick… alone and unable to stand up… You just…. cry…. because Goddamnit no cares for you… you’re gonna die and none of your friends dare to ask your well being (example of an emo freak breakdown) and then you will wish that your mama is right next to you bringing you medicines and shits… but…

Aside from being sick… well my life is pretty boring… and also to those pain in the ass… wait… if they are pain the ass… and I am the one whose been hurt… then I am an asshole??? rephrase… aside from being sick and those assholes who breaks my heart every now and then that usually brings tremors to my idyllic boring life… My life is not ought to be featured in maalaala mo kaya.

ahhh …. my allergy is going away….

good times….



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