Of Political Ads


Before we went on with my rantings for this day. Let me just say that I am blaming valentine’s day for making the MRT crowded, sidewalks beaming with nuisance roses/gifts and ofcourse lovers flooding malls.

I even saw my neighbor, whom I don’t know personally, making out with her boyfriend on the street on my way out….


I missed two days without going to the gym. No, I didn’t lose my drive to finally become thin… my hormones love valentine’s day so much, so it went valentine’s on valentine’s day. Good guess….

I am telling you this because not going to the gym simply means that I can watch television again (Prison break, commercials and current events)… which is somewhat entertaining if not shitty because my boardmates are eating chocolates while watching so I feel so…. Pathetic.

Current Events Side:

Kids are so much different these days. Imagine, they do pickets in front of the school to get their principal ousted. I don’t know if I will applaud them for their courage or kick them in the rear for having shit for a brain.

Reminds me of my own immaturity way back in high school, I planned a boycott (all of us should be absent that Friday) and got the whole class to participate. That plan… was ruined by a faggot snitch that turned us out to a faculty member. So trigonometry that day was converted into values education. Our teacher discussed the responsibility of being a student and how we can change the world without being radical.

So I guess for these kids who wants to do a rally of how they should be using a test paper they paid for… is really retarded. It’s your right to learn… you should have told your parents about it and ask them to inquire your principal about it. I know why you guys are doing it… No classes…


This is election time of the year. Just like Valentine’s, election is also rubbed in your face till you puke your guts content. Funny, the politicians who are running to pass laws can come up with the lamest, absurd commercials, that even my psychotic mind can’t understand.

Serious Political Ad.

I used to hate Ping Lacson for no particular reason. He has this sort of antagonist aura that if God gave him to be my father… I will commit suicide because I failed to clean my room. I hate his eyeglass and the way he fashions his hair. But I must say his political ad is really respectable. It’s simple, flashes his previous accomplishments and tells about what he plans to do. I’m gonna vote for you Ping.

Middle Men

I love Sharon Cuneta. I love her old movies. I love seeing her on Pancit Canton ad. So not using her on Kiko’s political ad makes me respect him more. But using PnE Bagsakan is … I’m gonna vote for you sir nonetheless. I know I am being biased but who cares.

My respect for Lauren could have surpassed those of Ping. But using a mushy background music is LAME….

DO-NOT-VOTE me Political Ad


Maybe the great trio run out of creative juice. In a taxi… a mother… his kid… discussing tito… really! When you have just been tagged as a double face politician maybe it will be better to discuss your platforms and past accomplishment instead of telling people that “TITO” can protect my ass like a personal bodyguard… shame…. on you…. uncle…

Manny “Eezy Dancing” Villar

Man… he should sue whoever conceptualize his video. My respect for this man who built an empire out of low cost housing is gone the moment I saw his political ad. Politicians are supposed to show the talent in solving financial crisis our country is facing and not HOW BAD THEY CAN SWING THEIR HIPS to the tune of sasakyan kita…. DANCING Mr. Villar… is just …. weak…. you should have told us what you were doing for the past three years when we decided to vote for you because of your sipag and tiyaga ad.

MIKE “Tol” Defensor:

Sir, using Pooh and oh… I forgot her name…. Mrs. Boobies (I’ve just remembered… Keanna Reeves) is JUST AS WRONG AS JUMPING FROM A BUILDING TO KILL YOURSELF, which is if you really want to get respect. And everybody calling you “tol” just don’t make sense. No sense at all sir. So while it’s still early can you please change your ad? Because I am experiencing goose bumps every time I watching it.

Darn valentines….. Darn Elections……



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