Bloody Hell

I decided to push myself to the limit…

But sadly… my body was not prepared for the giant leap of being a sedentary individual to an active cardiovascular-monster person. Blood came out gushing from my nose on my 30 minute run last saturday. (I don’t know what happened… but it freaked me out that I was wasted for the whole day and was hesitant to workout last sunday)

My nose still hurts right now… but the hell…who cares.


My niece had an operation to fix her heart problem. I was very thankful that she is safe and the energy to ask her mom for her pictures to be taken with her shoes and teddy bear.

One thing about me is that I hate hospitals for it is reeking with “clean” smell that makes you nauseated. I hate hospitals for it reminded me of my life when I was just in kindergarden, when my mom and I have frequent visits to Lungsod ng Kabataan to treat my inflammed lungs. In those days, I will have panic attacks at the sight of a retractable ballpen, thinking with my pristine mind, that it’s a syringe. Yes, I am already experiencing psychosis in those days.

But right after I went there…. I hate it for it mirrors the economic struggle most Pilipinos are undergoing.

There are some patients who died in the O.R. because of complications that have arisen from the delaying operation… the reason of the delay as my cousin tells me is that most of them were opting to have a free (or maybe less expensive) operation by applying for the charity ward. Currently… there are 800 approved charity operations, so even if you get the approval… you still have to wait. Operations for charity are done… sometimes as scarce as one patient a week… three the most. Getting operated also doesn’t mean a 100% chance of success, for you will be operated by interns guided by doctors who doesn’t care if a patient dies on the table for they all signed a waiver.

Cost of operation? Almost half a million. Not even on private room, mind you.

Another patient has a disease called “Kawasaki“. They haven’t left the hospital for a few months now. Not because the doctors can’t treat him, but because they don’t have enough money to pay their hospital bills.

The cost of each treatment… 40K. Enough downpayment for a kawasaki motorcycle.

Sadly, I can do nothing for those poor kids. But sometimes… I’m thinking if thanking God for not making you sick like them is as bad as laughing at someone’s misfortunes.



One thought on “Bloody Hell

  1. sucky talaga ang environment sa hospitals. it’s all disease, despair, loss and death. however, there are some lucky ones who come out unscathed.

    unfortunately, i spend 2/3 of my life inside a hospital. so imagine my delight when i get to see people walking around in malls who aren’t sick…

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