Procrastination is a powerful tool you need in order to destroy your career, your life and any chance you have of getting laid. I am serious (trying to perhaps) on that line, except for the last scenario which will always be ruined depending on you ability to turn yourself into stone everytime you see the opposite sex.

My dysfunctional ability to react to emergency situations nowadays has been escalated to not being able to think of cerebral ideas to defend myself in the case high intellect inquisitions. In order to prevent problems that may arise from my officemates finding out that I possess a moronic brain that can’t process additions greater than 3 digit numbers or not being able to defend a plan that I have been composing for the past two weeks, I procrastinate, hoping that something on the web might interest me that may wake my emotional and mental powerlessness.

Sadly, procrastination not only dissipated my time… I also find it hard to inject my sentences with any intelligence that it needs. Please see how this paragraph came to be. Yes… it sucks… and yes, you, too reading this entry sucks… everyone sucks.

Right now, I’m subjecting myself to focus my mind on work and avoid delaying any stuff that may cause early termination of my career and making up for the mistakes I have committed in those dark days of mental seizure. In order not to further humiliate myself with another senseless topic like how this entry turn to be. …

[Sorry I can’t think of any witty remarks to end this BS that I’ve just made]


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