Life’s Traffic

I was about to ride the MRT to get home this afternoon, when I remembered that it’s the last working day of the week and my dreaded long weekend is up ahead. It will be a battle between my already weak body and the two trillion people ready to squeeze themselves in a train that already contains plenty of sweaty people. I’ve had enough stressful activities for the week, so extending my travel time comfortably will not be an issue. I immediately went for the bus.

It was weird though, there were minimal vehicles travelling and only few of them are buses bound for the province. The ever predictable Philippine heavy traffic was somewhat out of sight. I was dismayed.

I’ve developed a fascination for traffic stops when I started working. The stationary bus offered me a place for reflection, actually, most of my insanely artistic ideas are often born while waiting for the traffic flow. It was a form of procrastination but for me it dissolves the predictability I’ve always felt when riding the train. And besides, there’s no television inside the MRT that showcases rated r videos when you’re travelling late.

It made me realize that in fact, traffic mirrors the way we live our lives.

There were some of us who spent their lives rushing just to get to their destination. Those who will beat a red light to shorten their travel by five minutes. Although their stakes of not being able to reach their destination due to accidents is high, who ever said that those who follow rules will not suffer misfortunes either? The ill thing about rushing however, is not being able to see and appreciate the ride because you were busy thinking about shortcuts. In the end, these people will waste the time they’ve saved thinking about the things they’ll do to spend it.

Another type will be those people who’ll just go with the flow. Curse at heavy traffic. Enjoy clear highways. Stop for gases. Their life is predictable, boring but never unsure. Once they’ve reach their destination, they’ll settle and immediately forget the experience they’ve had while travelling. The bad news? They’ll never know they’ve taken the wrong path until they’ve reached their destination.

Then, there’s me. Forever eluding the thought of reaching the of the path. Screwed optimistic view for the delays that the traffic bestows. Totally afraid of what lies ahead and chews in the moment slowly without the intention of swallowing the memories it gives. But eventually, the ones who will have the richest tale when they’ve reached the final stop and will give the greatest importance with the term “settlement”. Although on most cases, people like me, have the tendency to travel all their life and never settle for anything.

Your lucky number is 12,85,98,52,85. Your lucky color is aqua marine. Lucky day friday.


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