Undergoing Rehabilitation

My vacation is the same old shit you’ll expect from a reclusion-addicted person, thank you very much. The meaningful activities I have planned before the holiday stayed on my violet notebook and were never put into action. For those who have texted me, mycellphone resides inside my cabinet and on silent mode. I really hate it when someone sends me text messages asking for some useless info with matching “Reply ASAP” at the end. I am terribly sorry. I’m fine though!

Nonetheless, there were things that are worth noting:

I never thought that my drawing capabilities have improved after I’ve forgot the fact that I can draw. Do I make sense?

I finally decided to rehabilitate my teeth. It’s been a long time since I have punished them for not being able to clean themselves. If I had the choice I would’ve shouted “BITCH!” during the entire session but instead I just listened to the dentist’s blabbing and think if she expects me to communicate with her while she’s working on my tooth decays.

Given the fact that the next long vacation is nowhere in sight, I should have spent my five days wisely. Reminiscing and doing the things you’ll only do if you were to die in a month because of a terminal disease. Things like visiting your old school, reading your old notebooks, thinking about your high school crushes, getting re-acquainted with your old friends, asking forgiveness from the guy you stabbed with a sharpened pencil when you’re in grade three and doing your old hobbies.

It’s nice to remember those days when your problems constitutes only of love, exams and fucked up professors. I’d rather throw my thoughts of financial problems, deadlines, office intrigues and work-related thoughts that I surely won’t laugh about when I grow old. Next time, I’ll focus my activities on the person that matters most in my life, myself.


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