I am nowhere

I have been busy for last century. I know. Even my officemate tells me that it was hard to get my attention and she was just a block away from my cubicle. She told that she will find it understandable if our office was as large as that of the mall of asia.

You see. My office outlook is always open, I never really check new email except in the morning and relies on bubbles appearing on the lower right of the screen to browse new messages. But if my officemates are chatting beyond their wits using reply to all and didn’t bother to remove my name from the recipient eventhough I could not care less about what they are talking about, chances are I’m missing most of my mail. If I missed emails that are a day old, I really don’t bother to reply especially if its not work related. Why?

1. I’m a bitch when it comes to communication.
2. My reply would only eat my time and besides, you probably would need it anyway for it was delayed.

When it comes to cellphone, I suddenly find it inconvenient nowadays:

1. Text messages are usually just quotes that I don’t bother to read unless of course I feel extremely Emo which I don’t feel nowadays. Thank God.
2. I’ve been doing a lot of errands from text messages:
friend: “NSN KA”
me: “PAUWI NA”
friend: “NSN K NGA”

and my conscience never fails to oblige those favors especially if they’re from my friends.
3. I hate texting. I hate composing text messages that consumes twice as much than when I just call them up and usually I am considered to be rude because I failed to reply to a question that is followed by TXTBK ASAP.

To avoid such things from happening, whenever my phone runs out of battery, I don’t recharge it unless I am expecting an important call from someone.

And if I happen to receive your message the day after. Please see number 2 of previous topic.

So I am nowhere to be found for the next two months. I am busy.


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