They say superman is not really brave. You can’t be brave knowing you’re indestructible…

Echoes of our past may come louder than what we’ve expected. I know I just heard mine awhile ago. When I finally convinced myself that I have surpassed the feeling I have had, the wall suddenly crumbled when I read those sentences.

You’re trying to brag about the world that I’ve failed to be a part of. I am hoping though, that you’ll stop reminding me about the place where I was hurt, beaten and drowned in my own tears.

Here I am again, trying to ponder the reasons behind those flashings of insipid activities you’re planning to do. Really, hasn’t it occurred to you that you’re hurting me? Are you just plain insensitive?

Maybe you’re thinking that the reasons were obvious. If that’s the case, then I find it ironic that you’re conveying your message in a subtle manner, yet for me, it’s a blatant way of telling me that I will never pass your standards no matter how hard I’ve tried. Or maybe, I’m thinking too much and the truth is, you’re just happy and you want to tell the world about it without knowing that I’m still hurting

I used to think that I’m a coward for using sarcasm and anger to hide what I really feel. But I am brave for letting go inspite of the pain. I am brave for I don’t mind looking back with my heart aching

Sometimes, what makes you brave makes you stupid.


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