Okay, so I don’t know what hit me yesterday. I was so goddamn melodramatic the whole day. Listening to “I’ve been waiting for you” over and over doesn’t help me in recovering from the self inflicted pain that I’ve been experiencing.

Also, I’ve been busy doing numerous craps like updating my friendster account, writing in my blog and most of the time, pikipimping my pictures. I WAS busy last week, but since my recent status report exceeded the threshold for maximum positive effort variance for the week, I need to pretend to review the works that I’ve reviewed for the past week for the effort to finally caught up with the specified limits. You don’t get it? Well me too. I’m just following rules. Doing retarded things during office hours will give you an ample amount of time to go emotional and all that shit. I decided to be really busy this day. But it’s nice to start it off by blogging.

Actually, my morning break is coming up. Time for my cigarette break. I’m thinking about quiting, but I’m worried that nicotine deprivation will only contribute even more depression.

This is how a blog entry should be. With nothing but crap.


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