How things change

I’ll never get tired of eating Adobo, Pritong Tilapia, Pritong Galunggong, Garlic Flavored Nagaraya and Pancakes.

Pancakes. The last time I craved for pancakes, it was already 7pm, and I was broke. Pancake House was not an option. When I was on my way home, I saw the word “PANCAKE” on Dunkin Donut’s menu. Thinking that all pancakes are round, flat and whatever… I decided to fulfill my needs and ordered two. Here’s what I’ve got:

 Pseudo Pancake 

I find it a demoralizing to turn your favorite food into a donut. What if dunkin donut started offering siopao? My boardmates who ate those DONUTS said that it does taste like pancakes. I know! I shouldn’t be bothered but look at it! It’s so… so…  weird that I’m fighting for pancake rights.

However, I just ate real pancakes awhile ago:

Real Pancakes

 I guess I should accept the fact that things sometimes change. Looks should not be the basis for everything. But if it looks like donut… it is donut, no matter what it tastes like. But I guess, Pancakes who ate too much will eventually turn themselves into donuts. Fat donuts with an empty space right in the middle. *Huh*

Applying that creepy last paragraph into my life, I think I am dutifully trying to be a pancake again


Before Picture (Donut Buy)

After 4 Months:

New Me

This is a message for all the people who told me that it was an impossible task:

Fuck you and may all of you receive Karma’s blessing. Kidding. Tsup Tsup Mwah


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