Heroes Unplugged

If you have no plans of watching HEROES, then you’re missing one of the coolest series EVAR!!!!

HEROES’ storyline is like x-men, only, the stories are more realistic. What I meant by realistic is that they are undergoing everyday normal problem even if they are mutants. There’s no professor x that will explain everything they are going through and supply them with aircrafts. Financial, emotional, trust issues, politics and acceptance are some of the side conflicts that our HEROES are experiencing. Of course their main problem so far is how to stop a human bomb exploding and destroying New York city.

What’s awesome about this series is that they also have comic counterparts to tackle side stories that they didn’t include in reel.

You can visit http://www.nbc.com/Heroes to watch previews of episodes and download the comics.


Korn also released a new album, Korn Unplugged. It features some of their song in acoustic rhythm. I’m not really a Korn fan, since most of their music are loud and the lyrics are quite gibberish, but I do dig Jonathan Davis’ when he’s on scottish suit and using the uber cool microphone of his.

If you have the chance(to download illegal crap on the net) do check out the Freak On The Leash version on that album. It’s a duet between Jonathan Davis and Amy Lee(Evanescence). No words can explain it. All I can say is that I always get goosebumps whenever I listen to this song.


2 thoughts on “Heroes Unplugged

  1. Actually the show has a lot more in common with Alan Moore’s Watchmen than X-Men. And I hear they’re making a Watchmen movie. I think. Either that, or they’re working on a Watchmen TV Show. I think.

    Either way, Watchmen is worth checking out.

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