I are the Happies

Last Monday, after watching how fucked up Maricris of PBB turns out to be, (I do watch PBB for psychological reasons) I decided tone down my anger. My last blog can attest to that, no curse words, no hatred, wholesome. That day however, turns out to be a Denver vs. Spurs Game, with a sweet beginning and wretched ending.

I greeted everyone with a smile. Compliment my friends. Work my ass out. And then:

Events were cancelled. Unsolicited remarks poured. The task that I need to do is filing up to my neck and the pc constantly freezing is not a great help. As an icing to my bad day cake, I figured that this douche bag was responsible for the creative shits I have been mulling about the last two months. The fact that I stepped on all those crap thinking that I deserve it, fueled my anger.

I snapped. A pathetic individual I haven’t met caught some of my anger. Some of my friends got their share. Some still resides in my heart. With the help of alcohol, I was able to pour out the remaining emotional tension to a friend. Topic revolved around the ISSUE, the CAREER, the FREEDOM and the LOVE LIFE.

I’ve come up with the following resolutions after our drunken talk:

– I will never ever provoke someone I love to hate me to shoo them away. It weakens me.
– I’ll take the MCAD as soon as possible.
– I must learn to use my logical reasoning before allowing my emotions to take over.
– Alcohol still brings hangover that can last for the whole day, heat makes it worse. San Mig Light over Hard drinks.
– People who don’t have the balls to decide and act by themselves don’t deserve justification for the actions they have been doing.
– People who don’t have the balls to take the consequences for their decisions and actions generally feels that the brain they’ve recently acquired from a monkey can come up with majestic plans that will solve problems. Also, they think that finger pointing the fault to other people to avoid being blamed is the next best thing to masturbation. A sweet revenge that will make them conscious about it will not be feasible because balls unlike boobs, cannot be artificially implanted, giving me the upper hand in this situation. Underdogs almost always gets the emotional support, I don’t want to end up being ostracized just because I’m a more advance species than them.

For the moment, my personal goal is to convinced myselft that I are the happies. I are the happies. I are the happies. I are the happies.

[Repeat till fade]


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