A Chain message is another way of proving that there are far more stupid persons in this planet than I have dared to imagine. It is also, without a doubt a form of nuisance that never fails to give the creeps everytime I get to read them.

At first, I would explain to my friends that binary information will not manifest in forms of ghosts, devils or other whatnots as contained in their letter as much as Jay Manalo will never come out of my dreams to impregnate me.

They however, choose to be superstitious than rational human beings. The bulk amounts of email messages with ghost that would get my ass and text messages that will bring bad luck for 12 years gets into my nerves especially if they were sent in the morning when I still feel that unfathomable hate for everything and everyone.

As retribution, I would reply with the same amount of threat, if ever they will include me as recipient to those chain messages again, I will personally make sure that bad luck will come their way. Or I would forward the same mail to the person increasing the number of recipients required by 5 times the square of that number.

I came to believe that my friends are natural-born terrorists under false name because nothing worked. Yesterday however, my soft-spoken, religious, cry-baby, serious male housemate replied to all:

Guys, what’s this letter? You mean pagnasent ko to ng 24 copies mag iincrease din ang salary natin like Alvin Patrimonio? Halllerr…Di nyo b alam na istorbo sa buhay ang mga chain letters…nagsimula ito sa mga taong walng magawa sa buhay. Sa mga kamay natin nakasalalay ang buhay natin hindi sa mga letters n tulad nito. So, God Bless you.

This was followed by equally lambasting reply from my other friends which makes it a pwning glory for us chain mail haters.

As of today, I haven’t received a single chain mail or text even. Good times.

And oh! Should you fail to show this to 15 more people, Sadako will totally disfigure you after seven days while Paris Hilton sings “Stars” in the background.


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