Fatal Attraction

Gym is a nice place to feed my lesbian tendencies. Most of the girls are HAWT, seriously. I don’t know their reason for joining since they are all fit and extremely curvaceous but hell, they were good scenery to look at, so I hope they won’t quit anytime soon. If you happen to be my friend and you’re currently raising an eyebrow right now… Sorry if I scared you with this paragraph, one can’t help but be attracted to someone who looks like Maui Taylor less the whorish quality.

Being exposed to the male species for quite a long time (most of my closest friends are male who are all presentable, some even good-looking), I tend to be mesmerized by a female presence rather than a male. I never had a male-attention-deficit syndrome. I totally abhor those girls who have them. Only because I tend to hate everything I can’t rationalize. 

Let me be the one to tell you that knowing someone deeply surely kills any romantic idea. Yes, I can tell that it’s humanely possible not to fall in love with a close friend even of the opposite sex. Except maybe for the few instances where attraction came before the friendship, surely it will destroy the later.

So, I don’t know about other girls, but I am not easily attracted to a guy’s look. Sure I would bang Jay Manalo or any good looking guy with the same or higher caliber without second thought but I can’t see myself, for the love of God, growing old with someone who can’t even remember our child’s name during an award acceptance.

Humor is very important for me. Aside from the light-hearted feeling, it is also a sign of wit. Sure everyone can joke about the stupendous “lolo ko” stories or the American-chinese-filipino combo joke, but not everyone can come up with something that can make you smile even if you just remember the lines. It’s the delivery, the timing and some corny aspects that will eventually make a good joke. There is a wide deficit of humorous men. I blame telenovelas for this, even Jay Manalo being a telenovela star will surely not meet this simple requirement. But I’ll still fuck him anyway.

Men on the other hand, are generally designed to be a critic of art. Art appreciation is opinionated, but by and large we consider the works of Leonardo da Vinci as superb. Using that shit I came up awhile ago, men’s attraction is based on what they consider as beautiful. They are entertained by woman’s continuous attempt to prolong beauty, challenged by their enigmatic traits and captured by their ability to change themselves. Using the third sentence, what most men considers to be beautiful are the likes of Jennifer Love Hewitt

I finally found an answer to my “being single” dilemma. Most men go for Jennifer Love Hewitt, I am however, a Jessica Zafra. I might achieve JLH figure but I’ll still have the cynical mind and sarcasm of JZ. I have no plans of ever changing so the hell, if I’ll stay single my whole life.


2 thoughts on “Fatal Attraction

  1. Coming to this post, wala ka naman palang problema maging astig kasi astig ka na… 😀

    I agree with you with the humorous men deficiency…buti nalang yung isa nakuha ko! 🙂 Actually, it’s the main thing I liked in him kasi wala naman syang pera noh…so magkasama kami sa hirap…sa ginhawa nalang hinihintay namin 😀

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