Trip to Memory Lane

Me: Pare! So cool, like I found our old pictures sa asec, Pare.
Myself: Hijo de ****, really? that’s like gawsh!!!!
Me: Like some of them pare are totally antique!
Myself: I know pare! Some features our jologs days!
Me: Pare, when ka naman ba naging Coño?
Myself: Now! Pare! ay pare Coño nga pala is vagina in english, so it’s kadiri!

Me: My gawsh! I don’t know that! Pero na-see mo na ba! You’re so fatttttt then!!!!
Myself: Pare! Like I’m fat pa rin kaya! Duh????
Me: Hindi pare, you’re like balyena then! as in!
Myself: Shut up na nga pare! I told you not to drink coffee kasi you can’t sleep!
Me: Pare! I’ll finish the caption na lang!
Myself: No, pare, mama piah is making pausok na sa ilong kasi mad siya gising pa tayo!
Me: Gawshhhhh, I’m so scared!!!
Myself: Eh pare, Like why did you drink coffee pa kasi!
Me: I’ll tell you tomorrow pare…. Thanghinang Shet pare, like later pala kasi it’s 1:35 am na.
Myself: Mama Piah’s so mad na talaga! Like she made logged out na hindi man lang nagpaalam!
Myself: Pare, let’s sleep na! I’ll take care of the captions na lang some other day

(View Pics: HERE)


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