Finally, I am in love

Do you believe in love at first sight? Sounds stupid, I know. But you see, I, too never believe in such notion until the day before yesterday.

The truth is, I have become a presentable taong grasa when I’ve sworn to a vampiric life. I began dismissing what people may think of me when I go out with my oldest shirt and shorts. But of course that didn’t make me a mentally retardate person to go to prestigious places wearing my comfy taong grasa clothes though my resolution will almost always end up with not going at all.

Imagine my predicament when my boss told me that I was to join them in a kick off meeting in a five-star hotel.

Me: Okay. What time?
Boss: Right now.
Me: As in now now?
Boss: Yes, now now. The others are waiting for us in the lobby.

Okaaaaaay. Not only my tasks will remain undone, I also don’t want him to know that I haven’t read a single document he emailed regarding the project. Besides, I was bothered by the fact that, I, being a taong grasa and shit, don’t fit in places that only rich people can afford to stay in. Nonetheless, I joined them as if I have a choice not to.

My boss, however later explained that I was there because the foods is allotted for 20 participants and there were only 12 of them. For the whole meeting, I have done what I have intended to do, I sat there, munching those chocolate covered fruits and other canapés (diet remember?), drinking the free brewed coffee while sketching myself in those free paper pads using the free pencils. Then, he came in…

Actually I didn’t see him coming in the conference room, but when he spoke, hell my whole world just stopped turning. I can’t take my eyes of him and listen to the authoritative and seemingly intelligent words that are coming out of his mouth. I have discovered that words like frigidity, rigid and transparent can be used in a cerebral conversation without inciting any sexual thoughts. I began to imagine my life with him, those early morning breakfast when I will just stare at his face, listening to his blabber, feeling the completeness of my life while experiencing an orgasmic release of pleasure without even understanding the gist of what’s he’s saying. My heart is pumping real fast. I can’t seem to think of anything but our life together.

Apparently, he’s totally married and gay. Yes, they can go hand in hand, but I want to clear out that it was my officemate who have come up with that idea because she noticed the ring on his finger and the gay-smirk he fashionably used throughout the meeting.

Therefore, drinking coffee can totally messed up your heartbeat if you’re suffering from arrhythmia. Also, it messes your mood making you feel in love when the truth is; the seratonin came from the all the appetizers and desserts you have eaten.


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