Searching for Words

My friend, after treating her to a coffee house told me that she misses my old blog. She commented that I’ve been cursing a lot instead of relaying my amusing day-to-day stories. I’ve told her that my stories are still amusing only, I find it hard to be funny because I am always searching for words.

My parents considered me to be an autistic child when I was still young. I was never the giddy child who laughs when talked to. Usually, I stare at the person and then… yeah that’s it. It is very unusual, for all my siblings started talking before their first birthday and giggly when someone baby talks to them. I talked when I was almost two years old and had an odd behaviour.

Sad to say, I was not mentally-challenged. IT IS SAD because my parents could have settled for that idea instead of being bothered that I still possess the stare-and-dismiss-the-unknown-human-being attitude and talk scarcely as I grew up.

Unknown to them, whenever I’m alone in my room, I would record silly things like the hurricane causing tremendous cases of pneumonia in the country, the impending doom of the earth and my piano lessons. My recording stint was busted when my brother and I decided to call our cousin and tell him that his parents would leave him… I forgot the reason we gave him but it caused him to cry and being the stupid person that I was then, I recorded it and let my aunt hear it. Naturally, my parents forbid me to record stuffs because my aunt felt bad about it.

When I went to school, teachers referred to me as the honor student who was sitting at the back. I live in the shadows because I barely talked and do anything to please my teachers. My communication skills never progresses because it was not put into use. My grades mostly belongs to the top 10 of the class, my English grade on the other hand belongs to the bottom 20%.

College changed me. I became the uhmmmm… well I didn’t become anything but I started to be retarded in a good way. I started an online journal, blogs were not that hype back then. Here’s one and our barkada blog here. Please bear with it, I was young and full of angst and incase your wondering I am witchblade in our profile and I was still thin then.

I never tried to improve my english, and my school made it easy. When I got a job, it became worse for I don’t see the need to be grammatically correct when you’re typing this all day:

If You <> Married Then
DO UNTIL Married
GO TO SexualIntercourse(Anyone)
GO TO SexualIntercourse(Wife)
End if

But when I’ve started to manage a project, I must do a hell lot of correspondence that requires me to transform sentences like “What the hell are you trying to say???” into “Thank you sending the information regarding donors. However, I would greatly appreciate if you could enlighten us with its relation to the initial requirements”. That is why I am trying my best to use English in my blog entries, to improve my communication skills.

So, for the mean time, bear with my grammatical errors, weak stories, cuss words and other stuffs that I have been posting in this blog.


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