Totally Random

I  am in this internet cafe.

Sometimes, it’s nice to pissed off yourself by communing with totally random people because you have been forced to reminisce some stupid moments of your life that still pokes your heart.

So, here’s the good thing about internet cafes; you get to see random things that can make you laugh.

Like for example this couple. He’s in abroad. She’s here, she’s fat (fatter than I am) and wearing a dress that could spit her breast out. They are almost having sex using the internet cafe’s cam. The pervs.

Mike Enriquez: hindi man lang nahiya sa pambababoy

The next one is a frequent chatter. I, too have gone to that phased where I chatted thru yahoo rooms because waiting for downloads to be completed is a total pain. I would just make fun of people or pretend to be a internet retard who greets her family like she’s on tv. When I’ve learned of Command and Conquer and NFS games, I totally abandoned my chatting world and just played games while waiting.

Let’s go back to the story shall we, I was waiting for my turn when she’s chatting with this guy and she asked for his picture here is their conversation:

girl: pic plz.
boy: hir view my picz
Wentworth Miller

girl: u luk nice
boy: thankz


I’m still laughing right now.


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