Get Together Yah!

I wrote this shit while suffering from hang-over.

Part I: The Pictorial

Mara and I arranged a get together last friday. I felt sorry for her because I wasn’t able to text her that we will be indeed going out. I have no cellphone load, so really I’m sorry. Before leaving, I’ve had some pictorials:


Part II: The Dinner

After work, Cecil and I went straight to Shangri-la to meet up with her boyfriend, also my previous supervisor. We went to Crocodile Grille and ordered up. James, Onin, Wynn, Tonio, Dexter, Sheila and Ninong Rye came up later. We ate and they all blamed me for eating there and not just in NSG. Oh well we all enjoyed our meal so it doesn’t matter. Also, we played the knot the freaking cherry stalk game and only two of us made it in less than ten minutes.

Me and Cecil Cecil and Sir Raf

Onin Sheila, James, Wynn

Tonio, Dexter and Onin We forgot to take pictures of the food

Part III: The Pre Drink Off

Right after eating, we decided to go out for a drink. Then, they went straight to play counterstrike. Yes they are retards for doing that and also they made me wait for two fucking hours. I love them so I guess it’s forgivable.

James and I bought the beers. Our conversation we out like

James: May isang artista si Winnie, nagpapayat din siya, sabi niya, in order to find the right man for me, I must be a right woman.
Me: Hindi naman yun dahilan kung bakit ako nagpapayat ah!
James: Eh ano?
Me: Gusto kong magswimsuit.
James: Seryoso ka ba dun?
Me: Oo. Kasi yung lalaki naman, you can be the right woman for someone without having to be thin or watever. Yung swimsuit, kahit anong sabihin mo, panget pag mataba ka.
James: Kelan ba target date mo.
Me: Mga August, okay na katawan ko.
James: Dapat magswimsuit ka na non.
Me: Hindi ah, next summer na.
James: Mataba ka na ulit non kasi si Winnie tumaba din siya. Si Ruby Rodriguez
Me: Hindi ako tataba ulit. Promise!
James: Tataba ka ulit promise!

Again these are my before and after pictures:





So I have all the reason in the world to kill anyone who still have some objections regarding my recent success in weight loss.

Part IV The Drink Off:

At first the conversations, revolve around our careers, what we need to study and crap like that. Then some fucktard blurted out how sad I was that Toto didn’t make it. I told them I wasn’t and it was okay even if he didn’t. Since, the subject became of relationship, we talked about relationships.

Drink Off Pic 1 dsc01647.jpg

We talked about longetivity and how the hell it sucks and should not be a deciding factor in your life.

dsc01668.jpg dsc01662.jpg

We talked about how fucked up a woman’s mind can be when it comes to relationship.

dsc01659.jpg dsc01652.jpg

We talked about relationship expectations and demands. How it ruins the relationship and why it never ends.

dsc01669.jpg dsc01656.jpg

We talked about how strange a woman can get. I told them not all women are strange. They told me I was gay.

dsc01654.jpg dsc01660.jpg

We talked about our own relationship. How I, if I want to, can have a relationship with the first taong grasa I see on the street, but I decided to look for someone I really like. They told me I was PICKY. I told them I was not, for my idealism is simple. They told me I was GAY.


And then:

Me: Ang totoo niyan, hindi naman natin kasalanan. That’s their decision. We should respect it.
Dexter: Pero sana naman sinisigurado ang mga desisyon niyong mga babae.
Me: Hindi naman sa pagiging babae. Pero may mga values tayo. Nagkakataon lang na minsan hindi nagmemeet sa gitna yung mga pinapahalagahan nating bagay. Love makes us give up some values, but it the end there are some values that we just can’t give up.
Dexter: Pero kahit i-give up mo yon babalik pa rin yun.
Me: Pero kung mahal mo talaga. Gagawin mo lahat.
Dexter: Kasi nga tomboy ka.
Me: Oo naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Tomboy na akooooooooooooooo.

The problem with listening is associated with girls. Yet, you can see what they did to me… they never listened and accused me of being gay.

Post Party Pic:

dsc01664.jpg dsc01689.jpg

dsc01690.jpg dsc01692.jpg

Revenge, Sweet Revenge…



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