How to Deal

Someone asked me if THAT somebody is texting me because HE seems worried that THAT somebody might be suffering from a major heartbreak. Then I told HIM that I didn’t need any consolement from THAT somebody when I was feeling the pain of THAT somebody’s rejection. HE asked me “why should THAT somebody console you?”. I answered by also asking HIM “Why should I console THAT somebody then?”. Conversation over.

Okay, I am worried, too. I know he needed someone to talk to when he sends me those text messages just to confirm something that is already in the mail. But what can I do? I have no load! I hate texting! [Insert more plausible reasons here]

If you get to read this you fucking insensitive bastard, I hope you do friggin’ realize that it’s hard to be in the position whatsoever of telling you the matters of dealing with something ghastly that you also made me feel. See the irony? I don’t know but I’m feeling Karma though.

I’m not hurting right now but I have no intention of going through that again, thank you very much. So as much as I wanted to give you some advice directly, I am using this blog to give you some hints on how to deal with the suffering that has befallen you. This way, I don’t need to scratch my healing wound and at the same time I won’t feel guilty because I’ve abandoned you in the midst of your emotional wreckage even if I know you’ll never get to read this.

I want you to remember YOU’re responsible for pursuing her. Unless ofcourse someone told you that you’ll get rape by five men in succession if you don’t court her, which I doubt. Remember that whatever decision you have made is something that you must never regret for it is the rational option at that time. No regret… no additional suffering.

You must accept the fact that exerting effort doesn’t always mean getting reward. Even the great Michael Jordan wasn’t able to make Wizards champions. Knowing that you did everything will prevent you from additional suffering.

The factors of someone being rejected is not always based on the pursuer’s shortcomings or the pursuee’s ideals. Maybe she’s looking for something that you can’t obtain even through plastic surgery, or maybe she IS looking for something that you can only attain through operation, nonetheless stop determining your flaws. If she won’t accept you by now… chances are, she never will. Don’t blame anyone including yourself to stop the suffering.

Start enjoying the company of other human being aside from her people. This way, you’ll think more clearly and give her space to actually think about you. There’s no “NO TURNING BACK” point in pursuing someone. Learn to accept that some Engkantadas don’t fall for mortals like you to prefer yourself for worse case scenario like you being jailed because of stalking. Think TBAG. So, less hope, less suffering.

Remember my friend that pain is inevitable but will surely pass and suffering is optional.

If you still don’t get it, then think of all the reasons why you hateful asshole can’t love me and probably that’s also her reason. Just… Kidding… hehehe.


3 thoughts on “How to Deal

  1. Does’nt he think first before he act????? Look on the bright side uve learned to move-on and be a strong person as you are now, And for that looser guy, i pitty him for being so clumsy enough to those things to you, or maybe you two are too close that he thought that its ok to ask for your help.

  2. You don’t know how much I want to strangle you right now. Also, senso… I get to view the e-mail address . Oh yeah we’re close and all that shit but it doesn’t mean that I don’t get hurt everytime. But yeah thanks for dropping by and I’m gonna kill mama piah now.

  3. and what have i done? huh!!! just want both of you to clear things up… don’t you both miss each other’s company? it’s just nice to have someone you could talk to! patch things! love you both soooo much! mwahhhh

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