Upon seeing Mickey of PBB last night, I blurted out:

Paglabas niyan sa bahay papakasalan ko na yan.

Then my housemate told me that:

Di ba dapat tinatanong mo muna kung papakasalan ka ba ni Mickey paglabas mo. Kasi di ba mas maganda yun. Kesa yung ikaw yung humahabol.

As I have previously said in my other blog, he is the captain of all never ending arguments between things that don’t really matter. I said:

I was trying to sound absurd, you know in order to be funny. If I will say the right things then I would sound like an emo bitch here.

That’s not exactly what I’ve told him but something to that effect.

This is not about Mickey. He’s cute but hey, I would rather stay at home and sleep than watch him get out of the house much more offer him to marry me. Sino siya si Jay Manalo? Kamusta naman yun di ba?

No really. People have been branding me as a perverted individual because of what I have been posting here. But if you happen to meet me in person… so, yeah most of my jokes are bathroom humour and green in color but hey! I wouldn’t jump in front of anyone and give them free blowjobs and sex just because!


I don’t want to be raped. That’s one of the three things that I still have no in depth comprehension. First is death, second is rape, the third is what’s going on toto’s mind. hehehehe. Just kidding. The third is sexuality or establishment of sexual preference.


Okay so I was fucking depressed and everything. Yes I do sometimes question the reason why I’m still breathing. During bad days, I want to jump off on train rails to kill myself. Yes, there was a time in my life that I have undergone some extentialism problem. But it’s way over now. I’m cool and shit.


Jay Manalo. I don’t want to explain this right now.

Okay I go now. No, not pervert. Not for everyone else except Jay Manalo.


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