Some people attract gays. Some lesbo. Some girls. Some boys. I tend to attract the needy.

I don’t know if there’s a halo in my head that only seems to be visible when there are needy people around and by needy people I mean those street lurkers who asks for money by pretending to be stranded or some representative of some organization. I mean, I look like shit always, I don’t wear expensive clothes, I look like mura for gawdssakes so WHY???? WHY ME???? WHY APPROACH ME??? WHY HUMILIATE ME ON OUR FIRST “it’s unofficial-we’re-now-a-couple” DATE??? WHY??? WHY????

They are major mood killers. For one thing, they will speak to you endlessly about them being some fucking Samaritan that is made by God to help the somalian residents. For another, they’re like these “Family First” idiots who will almost point a gun at you so they can scam you. Yeah my mood was immediately fed off to alligators and all I talked about the whole night was my idea of utopia that would only exists if I burn all posers alive and stab all parlorista in the ass. Idealism is not a good topic during dates because he’ll think that your parents really have a point in believing that you are a drug addict. We should have talked about commitment. Yeah I think that is a good topic that I have failed to discuss because of that creepy asshole.

I don’t have heart of steel. I have a heart that feels. Quoting Christian Bautista scared me, too.

I mean, I, too have been a part of red cross. Help typhoon victims. Donate numerous umbrellas to school. Clean the church and polish its floor. I also solicited money for the purpose of buying school supplies for kids. I wish I was just joking but I’ve done all of them. Here ye! if you want to help someone:

Please don’t rip people off by selling those overpriced ballpen. Ballpens like that costs roughly about 10 pesos in divisoria, you fag was selling it as if it’s a ghaddham monte blanc. Who the hell are you kidding?

Just donate your fare money to your organization. Like you said “Madaming matutulungan yan”.

Don’t use one’s religion hoping the one you’re talking to will grow a conscience just by seeing those images. Don’t be a professional bible reader. Don’t live off by ripping off money from people who are scared of their ass being burned in hell.

And when someone’s dating. Please don’t disturb them. Because… yeah just don’t.


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