Different Story

Every story is a combination of events that stirs every emotion into your heart.

There are some part that you want to skip. For it brings heartaches and grudges.

Some part makes you happy.

Some part makes you sad.

There are some part that you still wish you could have done something different.

There are some, you are simply thankful for.

Then, there are these part where the story is developing into something anyone could predict… only the ending is not quite what you expect it to be.

But of all the stories written, nothing is more amusing than a surprising twist of fate. The moment when you are ready to give up something so important to you… is the moment when the magic would happen and you will forget all the reason why you want to give it up in the first place. In that moment, you will thank God for giving you the strength you need to hold on, for all the pain and suffering is worth the moment you knew you’ve been waiting for all your life.


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