Living Alone

Yesterday, I and my close bud/fatherly figure/sex guru/boy bastos equivalent/too many slashes to mention friend have dinner together. Actually, I asked him to help me with my problem but it seems that it can’t be helped as of the moment so we decided to eat instead.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other. We talked about my lovelife and his lovelife. Turns out, he is more fucked up than I am. Hahahahaha. Gooooddd efffiiinnnn times. But that is… as of the moment.

I went home late because I did some shopping. What’s good about my new house is I get to go home anytime I want. Except that my SO pwns my ass everytime I get to come home late. He’s that sweet, he waits for me to get home. Life is sweet. I get to watch CSI, Man Show and South Park as bonus. However, it makes me wonder about Rounin, Piolo and Claudine and the PBB housemates.

I also, sadly always come home to an empty house, with a dog welcoming me with a hearty bark everytime I enter the gate. I was sick last monday and most of the people who cares for me showed their love by telling me that living alone is shittiest decision I have made SO FAR in my life.

But I enjoy it none the less. I love living alone. Eating fudgee bars when I’m hungry or not eating at all if I’m too lazy to go to the kitchen which is about three steps away from my room.

I miss the guys at big mama’s. But I love my life now

  • I have an apartment which enables me to live alone without human intervention.
  • I am compelled to clean my mess everyday.
  • Fresh Air finally.
  • I have a new job waiting for me that pays loadsa more than what I’m earning right now.
  • I have a significant other whom I love very much and loves me, too.

Life is so good to me right now that I think I might be suffering from cancer or I will just drop dead any moment from now. If ever that happens, I’ll accept it for the blessings I have received is more than one can bargain for.

Hahahaha. This is so not me. But I’m loving it. and I love you. Really.


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