I hate arguments, it’s a waste of energy, time and intellectual juice and nobody wins. That is why I like to explain my side when my feeling of anger has subsided for I think I can express my feelings as well as listen to the other people’s side of the story.

Most arguments I’ve encountered happens in a public utility vehicles between passengers and drivers. Whether it’s the inability of the driver to stop immediately when the passenger says “Para” or the temporary amnesia the driver suffers when giving change, it will end up in heated argument.

Conversations goes a little something like this:

Passenger: Para! Para po
Driver: *nasa japan pa ang isip*
Passenger: Para po!
Driver: May bababa ba?
Passenger: Oo kanina ko pa sinasabi na para ang bingi bingi niyo kasi! Dapat hindi na lang ako sumakay ang layo layo ng binabaan ko [ more rantings… ended by a loud bang of the door ]

I find it unnecessary for someone to blame someone whom he probably wouldn’t see again anyway. I mean there are probably 15 fx drivers travelling from Edsa Shaw to Taytay and even if they see each other again… I mean really what’s the point. Okay so you gonna walk an extra 5 meters from where you are supposed to get off but would it make a difference if you will humiliate the driver by doing so?

Another Case:

Wife: Pinto!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Husband: *Closes the door with a bang*
Wife: Galit ka ba? Bakit mo tinalpak? Anong problema mo!
Husband: Ikaw ang anong problema mo! Nakakabingi ka na kasi! Lagi ka na lang naninisi!

[ Argument goes to back to old issues that is remain unsettled]

They both could’ve asked nicely but they didn’t. Closing the door is such a petty thing and it rolled down into an emotional ball full of hatred. I really can’t understand why people choose shouting instead of trying to understand each other. I don’t find shouting synonymous to anger liberation. Instead, I believe that it fuels more anger into your heart.

Maybe some people really wants to be angry for some reasons…

And mama piah… I am not talking about you. I know you’ll have violent reaction about this. 🙂


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