The Saturday Fever


Ever wonder what this cat felt like because it’s Saturday. I was feeling the same thing this morning. It’s Saturday and all I have to do is lie down, fix my things, take a bath and go home in laguna. Okay, so Saturday is still busy.

Coming from Cainta, it will be closer if I take the Rizal route rather than go to Buendia to take the SLEX. I know nobody trust me when it comes to directions but hey any moran can interpret this map:


The only problem with taking the Rizal route is that I have to take puj’s instead of bus. And … I’ll be taking the suburbian route. Which means my co-passengers is any of the following:
a. Someone with live chicken with them that will trigger my allergy.
b. A mom whose kid is going haywire and throwing up every other minute or so.
c. Perverted, sweaty assholes.

Before I start with my daily whine, I would like everybody to know that I KNOW that I am not Ms. Catherine Zeta Jones or Ms. Angelina Jolie. I don’t think I am Kristine Hermosa nor Angel Locsin. I still think I am Jessica Zafra and men find me interesting because of my personality and almost always likes me to be their friend instead of being their special someone.

There, I hope I made myself clear.

I was inside the jeep bound to siniloan (please see map above, if not visible then use google map) when this stupid guy keeps extending his elbow on my legs. Again, I know I am not beautiful nor sexy but hell I can recognize when someone is desperately trying to pretend he is sleeping so he can feel my legs. Which is quite understable (but still not forgivable) if I’m wearing a skirt but the asshat’s lowly dream is touching my maong pants. Now I will only tolerate such act of disrespect if the perpetrator is Jay Manalo but since it’s someone who looks like those goons in filipino movies who gets beaten by Fernando Poe,. I immediately hit him with my elbow. But I guess some fucktard are born with a face as thic as the length of the great wall of china.

Beside that incident, I’ve had two marriage proposals this week. Both by drivers. Drivers who doesn’t take baths before travelling. Smelly Drivers who are 20 years my senior. Old drivers whose monthly salary is only half of my gross. Again these people surely hits every female species who happens to ride in front.

Seriously, how many women in the philippines alone encounters such harassment in their daily lives. How of them entertains every shitface individual who doesn’t know how to respect woman. Should I stop taking jeepney? Should I start being an assasin and stop this nonsense? Should I study in hogwarts then?

No. I promised not to think of stupid thoughts nowadays.



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