Settling Down

I’ll be turning 26 tomorrow, at this age every conversation with your friends starts with a heartwarming greeting asking if you are already married. Sometimes, it’s more tragic that most conversation begins with them telling you that they already have a child of their own.

Do I consider myself pathetic for not being married at this age? No.

Do I consider myself being left out? Sometimes.

Do I consider myself lucky? No.

Am I a loser? Depends upon the friend I am currently talking to.

Fact of the matter is, I really don’t want to get married YET. I guess I’m scared of being trapped in an endless emotional dilemma. Getting married, for me, is not as simple as living in one roof, sharing the expenses and being impregnated in the process. I believe that one should marry if he/she chooses that it’s time to acquire more problems because life is getting boring. Hehehehehe. I keed. I mean I want get married when I feel like spending my life with a companion that I can depend on and share my dreams with and eventually loosening my connection with my parents.

One of my teachers in high school told us that one should think of marrying someone when they are (1) independent of their partner and responsible to oneself (To avoid petty quarrels) (2) financially stable (Honey, Love wouldn’t really keep you alive) (3) emotionally stable (Okay this one’s not clear but I bet it has something to do with someone not jumping off the roof of a building when his/her SO decides to cool things off).

I still hold on to that qualifications. Now, I am not against people who decides to marry someone for romantic reasons. That’s cool. What I am saying is these are my basis. So far, I haven’t achieved numbers one and two yet so I guess that’s still five years for me.

Again, if my standard for MYSELF before marrying is that complicated. Imagine my standards for having my own kid.

I haven’t come up with one yet. Because differential calculus is way more easier than that.

You see, I never had pets. Okay, I have had twice. Both of them, were flushed… inside our toilet bowl. If I can’t take care of fishes what more of human beings. I knoes…

So don’t ask my why I ain’t married yet. I simply don’t want to right now for I am not ready. Don’t ask me if I hate kids, I don’t, I just don’t like the thought of them being sick because I am one bad mother. Don’t even try to convince me… I won’t budge.

I am single. I am happy. Being happy, I guess, is what matters the most.



Single because I am not married. But darling, that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to marry you. You’re one of the many reasons why I’m happy right now.


One thought on “Settling Down

  1. Dude, I totally get where you’re coming from. Probably because I just turned 26 also. Whenever someone my age or younger asks me why I’m still not married, I reply “Well, why aren’t YOU?” *snap* *snap*

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