Recycled Television Shows

Of all filipino television shows, only few captured my interest like Spirits, Going Bulilit… TGIS (when I was a teen)… and….. Oh crap! That’s about it. Okay maybe those four fairies or whatchamacallit that features Sunshine Dizon as the Goddess of Fire is cool, too. I watch television shows alright but I barely follow series on tellies. Especially local television shows. Since I’ve left the apartment shared with my former officemates, I really have no idea as to what telenovelas and gameshows are shown on primetime.

Not that I have colonial mentality embedded in my brain to reject local television show plot, I just don’t enjoy the limited story line whose ending I can definitely predict just by watching the premiere episode. Everything is limited to obscure love triangles and someone being tortured by the cruelest person living which happens to be that someone’s relative.

When I visited my former apartment-mates a while ago, I caught the glimpse of SHAIDER rip-off series by channel 7. Well what do you know? I thought LUPIN was extremely pathetic then came Shaider, or whatever the title this current show has, I knew it was shaider the moment I heard “Pulis Pangkalawakan”. Hell, kindly enlightened me if Alexis has a Rooster-head co-space policeman/animal? A rooster! RLY!!!111

When will they stop recycling television shows? They’ve started with Panday and Darna, then Captain Barbel. When the viewers got tired of comic-based stories then came off with short “cinenovela” that uses the storylines of old hit movies of Sharon Cuneta and Vilma Santos. I don’t think I’ll be surprised if they will start to write with Biomen-like or Rainbow Brite-like based stories. Howly sh337, Charlene not only impersonates Korina Sanchez, she also rides a unicorn to help street children get off rugby and use fairy dust instead! What an interesting show to watch!

I don’t blame writers though, they need to write something that will be a hit when broadcasted or they’ll be off the payroll. I pity them instead, for I believe that there are lots of filipinos out there who are capable to write stories that are pristine, interesting and exciting. Their talent is somewhat underused because the maturity of most viewers here can be compared to a child who expect Count of Sesame Street to recite the numbers everytime he appears on the screen.

I just hope that things will change in the near future. In the meantime, me gonna watch Dora the Explorer and Spongebob Squarepants, wokay?


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