Since all soul’s day is near I think it’s appropriate that I discussed about how ghosts affects my life.

I’m talking about ideas that haunt me even without substantial evidence and not those apparitions of dead person. Aside from my neighbor’s dog’s awful smell, my significant other’s past relationship haunts me these days.

Ghost of the LOST LOVE

There will come a time in one’s life that you’ll go crazy about a person. You’ll break all your rules just for the one you love. You will set aside the qualification you have had established since you were a kid and you’ll do everything for that person.

Anyway, for him, it was HER. Actually, LOST LOVE is already married and delivered a child a year ago. I know the story behind them for he told me so when we were still friends. I know how he went crazy over her and how he devastated he was when they parted ways.  Her ghost usually appears when he gives me hell about something… like:

“I wonder if you’ll still say those things if I was LOST LOVE”
“Kay LOST LOVE ba lagi ka ring late?”

But I also know, that whatever happened between them is already over. Whether he stills loves her or not, I shouldn’t really care for he also loves me, NOW. What’s haunting about this ghost is more of a standard. She will always hold that pedestal of his adoration while I can only try but will never be able to knock her off that place… but on the other hand I get to be by his side.

Ghost of the SLUT

SLUT is the only girlfriend he broke up with. SLUT is also madly in love with him that she holds the record for the longest relationship he have had.  But since SLUT is a slut, they parted because of a third party involvement making him almost disgusted with her.

SLUT’s ghost usually came around when break up is the issue:

“You probably treat me like SLUT when we break things up”

She’s haunting me because I don’t want to end up like her. I don’t want to be a garbage can of all his emotional dilemma and when the dump truck arrives, I will also be thrown in. I’m afraid to let him take me for granted.

Ghost of the BIATCH

I find BIATCH’s ghost the most irritating of the entire ghost list. Simply because she used to be his friend and there is so much about her that reminds me of my current situation. We’ll be seeing each other on the same ghost group if ever we broke up. Also, there are a lot of things BIATCH and my SO shared that I barely have an idea of. Besides that, they made some creepy pact that annoys me. Also, BIATCH’s grammar is worst than mine, if that contributes to my point.

She’s also haunting me because she’s a comparison. We belong in the same plane and there’s always this connection that no matter what I’ve done good, she did it first. Which is really annoying as hell.

Ghost of the RECENT LOVE

Recent Love is the girl who busted his ass before we got together. I guess it’s logical to think that he still has feelings for her because of the things he did to me and the things I went through because of her. She appears whenever he neglects me:

“Siguro nakikipagusap ka pa rin kay RECENT LOVE ano?”

Her haunting is more of facing reality than trust issues. No matter how you put it, he chased her while I was chasing him making me scared of the fact that if she starts to look back, I may find him chasing her again.

I know all this hauntings are pointless waste of time. Again, when you have nothing to do, ghost, no matter how hard you try still appears especially when he’s not there to exorcise them. It’s not his fault that I have these ghosts, I don’t blame him for his past relationships, I just can’t seem to get rid of them at the moment.


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