More Reasons…

Life is not perfect. It is also fucking unfair. It’s full of unnecessary rituals, beliefs and norms that makes life to complicated for you to understand.

Sabi ni Daniel Ng, “Life is simple”.

He’s right. Now, I understand what he meant. When we say, things are less complicated when we’re studying it will not change as we get older. We’ve been through things that made us feel that we’re experienced enough for us to refuse having to conform to things and wanting them to conform us. Which makes us sad when they don’t. 

When we encounter problems, we solve them. Like those unnecessary algebraic equation we encountered in high school and college.

When we don’t understand someone, we try to evaluate them and reason out their behaviour in a way that we can accept their actions. Like those review write-ups we’ve done in high school.

When things don’t go our way. We shrugged our shoulders and go on with our life.

Beliefs complicates things. 

They don’t define us. They just complicate things.

Fuck it. I just need some sleep.


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