Homer Symptom

Homer Symptom is a sickness common to all guys who enjoy everything else except listening. Taken from the animated cartoon character from “The Simpson” which has the same name, people who has it can’t keep up with someone who blabbers things that doesn’t interest them. Consider the following situation:

E.G. 1

Me: What do you like to do on friday?
SO: I don’t know, what do you like to do…
Me: I think we should watch a movie and then we can go home so we can rest.
SO: That’s… Holy crap I’m so gonna take pictures of Muning and send it to I can has cheezburger!!!!!!!!

E.G. 2

Me: What’s the problem with your code.
SO: It’s not compatible with Oracle I think. Although I can research some alternatives
Me: Why? How does your screen interpret your code??
Me: Are you still there?
SO: You know what’s weird? earwax… Earwax awfully smells a lot like banana que.

And the most recent:

SO: If you’ll tell me what’s bothering you then maybe we could go on with our lives with less drama

*Opens tv*

ME: Well, you see the moment I read your letter to “Lost Love” I’ve realized that you can write if you want to.

SO: Uhummm.

ME: I have to terrorize you just to write me a friendster testimonial. It makes me think that [insert a really dramatic line here that includes how he’s still in love with her and he is… whatever shitty words you can think of]


SO: Why did you stopped.

Me: [More dramatic lines]

SO: Uhummm. I haven’t watched this episode of Sponge Bob before…

Me: Are you still listening?

SO: Uhummm….

Me: You’re just watching sponge bob and it seems you’re more interested in him than me.

SO: Uhummm…

Me: Do you like Mr. Krabs? It seems you’re in love with him. Are you?

SO: Uhummm…

Me: Fuck you then.

SO: What???!!! You’re mad at me AGAIN????

Me: Because you’re suffering from Homer Symptoms again!!!!!

SO: No, I’m not. I was listening.

Me: What was I saying then?

SO: You read “LOST LOVE”‘s letter and…

Me: and…

SO: We’ll you still haven’t explain what you felt about it…

I rest my fucking case.


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