One More Chance Dun Dun Dunnnnn

Every year, I always allot a single ticket for watching tagalog movies. Last year I think it was Sukob or if Sukob was shown in 2005, then I haven’t got the chance to watch any tagalog movie last year.

I’ve been bothering my boyfriend to watch ONE MORE CHANCE (Yay!) as sort of a punishment for all those homer symptoms flashes he has had these past few weeks.  Needless to say even before we had the chance to watch the cheesy movie of the year, I’ve been hearing a lot of bad reviews from guys. One went with

Jomar: Don’t bother to watch it, it’s lame.
Me: You’ve watched it????!!!
Jomar: As if I have the option not to, my wife forced me to.
Me: How can you say it’s lame?
Jomar: It’s very typical, they broke up, they make up. They live happily ever after.
Me: You’re a guy. You’re wired to consider every tagalog cheesy movie as lame. Have you seen one that caught your attention, I bet there’s none.
Jomar: There is one! That Angelu and Bobby movie.
Me: The one when Angelu died? Yeah, I liked that one, too!

I lost the urge to watch the movie but then when we were in Robinsons Dasmariñas, I’ve asked him to watch a movie instead because …. I’m bored. We planned to watch “Hitman” but when we got there it’s still on the next attraction. Fuck it. So would be:

1) Enchanted
2) One More Chance
3) Fred Claus

I actually voted for Fred Claus because it’s seems to be a cool family movie. But then the unthinkable happened:

SO: No, let’s watch One More Chance instead.
Me: Why because I’ve been wanting to watch it for the past two weeks?
SO: No, so you’ll stop pestering me with it.


1) Typical Movie
2)  Apparently I’m Bea and John Lloyd’s bad traits in the movie and my boyfriend owns their good traits.
3)  We missed the first bed scene. Boo!!!!
4) We laughed  during the second! Yay!
5) I dipped my hand into our my boyfriend’s softdrinks cup. I thought it was the popcorn. I drank it because I thought it was mine.

It’s a nice date movie because it gives you the chance to talk to each other because it’s so lame.


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