The Ultimate Shitty Meal of my Life … So Far

Hate Robbers? Me, too. Being robbed is like eating a shitty meal brought in on those long flights, it is so shitty but you still eat it because you can’t jump out of the plane to buy some jollibee happy meal. Those miniscule almost poisonous food is almost like shit travelling from your tongue carefully tingling those taste buds so it can send messages to your brain of how shitty  the meal is. THE ULTIMATE SHITTY MEAL OF YOUR LIFE…. SO FUCKING FAR. Did I get my point straight? I hate them so much.

I hate them so much that I want to tie them balls into knots, cut it and feed them to dogs.

I hate them so much that I want inject them with ebola virus or let them suffer from sore eyes in three months.

Why rob someone who is sleeping and snoring heavily inside the bus because she did some major dramatic lines to his boyfriend before watching hitman.

Why rob me?

and most of all…

WHY the hell rob me of my iPOD!!!!!!

Sana mabaog siya. Sana lang.

I am so gonna whine about this all month.


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