Google Entertainment

One thing about me is that I am unable to do my task if I can’t think of the whole scenario in my mind. I’m currently working on a scheduling module and spending my office hours doing nothing but the fact of the matter is, I’m thinking. I’m thinking about the whole stuff so when I started to work, I can finish it in a couple of hours instead of days.

But the thing is for a three day task, I will spend two days just ogling at the internet searching nothing in particular. In order to stimulate my mind, I must entertain myself… in a non-sexual way of course.

Google is a friend for office internet junkies. For one thing, it’ll never be blocked in your office for it’s a search engine. The reason for having internet is to search ideas, technologies and other whatnots that you tell your bosses.

So here’s what I do to perk me up:

  1. First thing is to type my name on Google to see how famous I am on the search engine.
    1. There’s another person having the same name that lived in San Pablo and worked in Taiwan. Friendster profile.
    2. Another person (aside from a) who is a foreign service officer.
    3. Another person is a wedding coordinator.
    4. Okay it’s me.
    5. A teacher probably because she’s in the LET board passer list.
  2. Type boyfriend’s name and see the results
    1. You will discover that there’s plenty of person having that name
    2. And you’ve gone thru 10 pages without finding your boyfriend.
  3. You will type your boyfriend’s psuedoname
    1. You will see his testimonials to other people.


      Si mam [——– ] hehehe mabait yan, maganda, mabait, maganda, mabait and did i said na maganda cya hehehe, nakakatagal nga sya sa mga korni ko na jokes, kaya nga labs na labs ko yan, sana hnd na cya magalit sa akin… ingats lagi mwuah…

    2. You’ll die laughing of how corny he is and makes you fall in love with him again.

See, Google is entertainment re-defined for those who have limited resource like me. And I hope he don’t mind posting that scrap of a note in here. And I ho[e he doesn’t get to read this. Mostly, I hope SHE doesn’t get to read this. 😀


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