New Year Post

Another year has gone by and so far I’ve been blogging for two years straight now. I’ll go back to the shits I’ve been through last year and what my plans are for this year.


As I have reviewed from my old posts, the first quarter of my 2007 is spent broken-hearted and clinically depressed. I’ve been heart-broken because I saw the she-devil AKA “recent love” with my close-friend on a pyrotechnics show last year (January 4). To start my year right, I’ve decided to enroll in a gym and lose weight in the process to rebuild my destroyed soul because of a broken heart. Okay, I’m just joking about the soul thing, I’ve had decided to work out for one reason, to keep myself busy.

During the second quarter I’ve been successful in losing 40 extra pounds of weight. I don’t know if it’s from being emotional and suicidal most of the time or because of the gym but it’s a major accomplishment.

I and the asshole-who-broke-my-heart crossed each other’s path again because the SHE broke her heart (or as the asshole-who-broke-my-heart tried to rephrase it, he decided to dropped the idea of chasing her because she’s into OPTIONS when it comes to LOVING someone, and the asshole-who-broke-my-heart feels that I’m the BEST option).

It was in the third quarter of 2007 when I started gaining weight. Why? I’ve changed into a job that is less strenuous than the other and is more rewarding that enables me to buy things that I want. Also, the asshole-who-broke-my-heart became the-love-that-was-lost-and-returned-to-make-me-happy-than-ever.

As the year approaches to its end, I’ve managed to let pick pockets steal my nice wallet with my money and my precious iPod. I also spent my new year away from home and then figured that its quite lonely to spend the last day of the year without your immediate family.

Fast Forward

I’m planning to work out again this year, not only to lose weight but also because I find myself these days blogging about the-love-that-was-lost-and-returned-to-make-me-happy-than-ever. Yes, I love him that much but it only proves that I have no other social life than him. I’m confined in a world consisting of him and me. Which is not so good considering I’m past my quarter life crisis – whatever, we just both need some fun out in the sun.

I also need to save some money so I can finally buy a KARRR. I need one. I need it because jeepney drivers here sucks and public transportation is really not for me, not because I’m Miss High and Mighty but because I’m so stupid that I may end losing every I have because of thieves in this crazy third world country of ours. I know of all my plans, this one will go straight to the garbage can.

I need to get back my old personality because I’m always grumpy these days. I need to enjoy my life. I need to get laid. I’m kidding about the last part wokey.

Oh yeah… before I forgot. I really need to quit smoking this year. Sad sad new year. Sad sad new year no smoking. huhuhuhu.


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