First Aphasia, Now Amnesia

Everybody at some point in their lives experienced temporary memory loss. Like perhaps forgetting where you have left some of your money or cellphone or other things. Do you know that keys ranked as the most forgettable thing in the history of mankind? No? I bet since I’ve only invented that up.

This story is about how I forgot my keys at the office. Don’t laugh, it’s not funny, asshole.

Instead of securing my stuff before leaving the office I have decided to copy my work in this laptop of mine with the intention of doing my job at my house. But we all know that THAT IDEA only comes true in a utopian world because the moment I’ve reached my house is the moment I will slump on my bed to get some sleep, yes in my undies and no you can’t imagine it because aside from being a perverted human being it is also a awful thing to imagine. That preoccupied my mind during my last minutes in the office and the moment my boyfriend texted he’s already in C5 (we decided to see each other in megamall because we won’t be able to see each other this Friday which is our date day), I, a moronic individual panicked and rushed off without checking my things.

I could crash at the boyfriend’s house or my friend’s house you say. Thing is, I’ve noticed I don’t have the key with me when I’m already at my doorstep. I’ve tried waking the landlord up and no; they didn’t save me from sleeping on the streets.

Where am I right now? Here… at a cheap motel spending my night alone with couples having sex next door. No, I don’t think there’s a couple next door because the receptionist is more than delighted to see me enter the motel’s premises like I was lost or something and they even wanted to rent a band to make me stay.

For 350 pesos overnight, I got a creepy empty room (same as my room) only air conditioned, bed with clean sheets, two pillows, a television with cable channels and a busted remote control… well I think it’s worth leaving the key. I could definitely use some rest.


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