Break-up Blues

You will never know the time when your dog will die on you, no matter how retarded he is. No matter how many plastics he has eaten in days because you forgot to feed him. No matter how many times your pet cat scratch those exposed gonads of him because he thought the cat was his puppy. You just don’t, because for you, he is invincible. Besides, no one in his right mind will think his dog will die on him anytime because if that’s the case, you will never thought of having a dog in the first place. Except if you’re a masochistic son of an asshat, then dwelling in every melancholic scene is dreamland for you, EMO freak. Okay, I’ll stop the dog analogy.

Relationship also has the same kind of unknown entity enveloping it from the beginning to its end. There’s no glowing aura that tells you he is the one you’ve been waiting for your whole life. No Gary Valenciano singing in the background that will give you a hint that he’s the person that will make you happy. There’s no My Chemical Romance playing to tell you that he’s fucking cheating you or he plans to marry when he’s 75 and have 10 kids after the wedding. There’s just NO CLUE at all.

Now, here’s comes the cheesy line. No matter how strong the relationship is, there’s nothing cheesy about it when it ends.

Deafening silence reigns. You feel like you’re entering inferno as Dante describes it.

How does it end? When it starts, I say.

When we chose to love someone for a reason and didn’t get to love the person. Bonds between lovers will collapse.

When we pretend to be someone we’re not. Cracks will be visible because of lies.

The moment we TRY to love, will be the moment the gap widens.

It’s neither the petty things lovers did nor the big arguments that they had. It all boils down to the foundation of the relationship.

We patch relationships up by giving a part of ourselves. By giving a part of us, we lose something essential, something important, and something which defines us. Eventually, lovers will fall apart, not the relationship itself but the characters that were portraying in that tragic play. No one will be there to mend it.

Great relationship happens not when two characters try to make it great but when each of them gives the other character support. Each of them mindful about the other’s needs and wants.

If it’s only the relationship and companionship you want, you’ll lose it before it even starts.

Bottom line of the story? Don’t mix cats and dogs as pets because they’ll only kill each other. Why kill each other? Only God can explain.


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